Below is a list of talks I held at industry events, ordered by topic and date (desc).

Secure Container Workloads In Build-Time With Snyk
◦ AWS Immersion Day, 23.05.2024, Remote

How Axel Springer NMT Automated Dev-First Security in the SDLC
◦ AWS Summit Berlin, 15.05.2024, Berlin/Germany

AI Hallucinations and Manipulation: Exploiting AI-Generated Code
◦ Almato DevCon, 07.06.2024, Pliezhausen/Germany
◦ DevSecCon, 06.12.2023, Munich/Germany

The State of Open Source Security
◦ DevSecCon Afterwork, 30.03.2023, Hamburg/Germany

Stranger Danger - Live Hacking Session
◦ WebDevBBQ, 21.03.2023, Stuttgart/Germany
◦ Heise devSec(), 05.10.2021, Remote
◦ DevSecCon Germany Meetup, 19.03.2021, Remote
◦ Arrow University, 04.03.2021, Remote

Enterprise Security - Securing Cloud-Native Applications at Scale
◦ it-sa Expo, 11.10.2023, Nuremberg/Germany
◦ Almato DevCon, 16.06.2023, Pliezhausen/Germany
◦ DevSecCon Zurich, 06.06.2023, Zurich/Switzerland
◦ DevOps Stuttgart, 21.03.2023, Stuttgart/Germany
◦ CSX2021, 14.04.2021, Remote
◦ CloudNative Conference, 28.01.2021, Remote
◦ eCrime & Cybersecurity DACH Conference, 14.01.2021, Remote

User Profiling through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
◦ DevSecCon Road Trip Germany, 17.09.2021

Balancing UX and Security in CIAM
◦ Computerwoche, 15.09.2020, Remote
◦ PwC #IdentityUncovered, 23.07.2020, Remote

The Evolution of IAM
◦ iSMG Virtual Cybersecurity Summit: IAM, 23.06.2020, Remote
◦ KuppingerCole “Identity Fabrics”, 12.05.2020, Remote

Anatomy of Credential Stuffing Attacks
◦ IDM Europe, 12.03.2020, Frankfurt/Germany

User Profiling through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
◦ Identity & Security Meetup, 26.09.2019, Stuttgart/Germany
◦ Hamburg Cybersecurity Awareness Meetup, 24.10.2019, Hamburg/Germany

Introduction to the OAuth2 Device Flow
◦ Identity & Security Meetup, 06.06.2019, Frankfurt/Germany

Authentication and Authorization in SPAs using OAuth2/OIDC
◦ BSides Stuttgart, 26.05.2019, Stuttgart/Germany

Identity and Access Management Made Simple
◦ CodeDoor Stuttgart, 12.06.2019, Stuttgart/Germany
◦ WebDevBBQ Meetup Stuttgart, 09.05.2019, Stuttgart/Germany
◦ React Meetup Karlsruhe, 02.04.2019, Karlsruhe/Germany
◦ Angular Meetup Stuttgart, 28.03.2019, Stuttgart/Germany



While working at Snyk, I initiated and still lead the DevSecCon Germany chapter. Since its inception in 2021, I have hosted 10 virtual meetups, see

DevSecCon is a safe and inclusive space for developers, operations, and security practitioners of all levels to make friends and improve their craft.
We bring together the brightest minds in DevSecOps to learn, discuss, and build the future of developer security.


While working at Auth0, I initiated and led the South Germany Identity & Security Meetup. Between 2019 - 2020, I hosted 5 onsite meetups, see